Judging Process

The Antonian Awards program endeavors to create an impartial judging process and countless hours are put forth to ensure anonymity for every entry. It is important that everyone understand the rigorous process of award recipient selection. The Antonian Awards provide a juried competition for event professionals from San Antonio and the surrounding area to compete in the Antonian Awards program.

In order to maintain fairness in the judging process, the Antonian Awards are completely anonymous.

  • All category entries and the supporting collateral are redacted of any identifying information (or disqualified from entry)
  • Judges are procured from ILEA chapters outside the Texas region to maintain complete anonymity
  • Often these judges come from Canada and abroad
  • Each entry that advances to the final round must attain a minimum average cumulative score
  • Even uncontested categories have to be judged and receive a minimum average cumulative score by the judges
  • Failure to meet this┬áminimum average cumulative score by the judges would result in disqualification
  • If by chance a judge were to recognize an event or an entrant, they are instructed to recuse themself from the judging process